"2017 New Silk Summit in Yamaga" to be held!

 As a comprehensive information dissemination event in November this year, we will gather for everyone involved in the silk industry from Japan and abroad to hold "2017 New Silk Summit in Yamaga" as follows.
  We would like to make a summit for the revival of Japan brand silk and the future creation of silk industry through presentations on various initiatives, issues and future prospects for new developments related to silk industry and silk industry am thinking.
As a special guest, MIT Media Lab Assistant Professor "Ms.Sputniko!" Who is also serving as a television program will also be on stage.
 Detailed content will be announced again, but first we will inform you about the holding decision and the outline.


November 9th (Thursday) - 10th (Fri) in 2017
Yamaga Citizens Exchange Center Cultural Hall / Yachiyo-za / Tencho-no-Kura etc
Yamaga new silk sericulture concept promotion council
(Yamaga City・Atsumaru Holdings co.,ltd・Atsumaru Yamaga Silk co.,ltd)
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry・Kumamoto Prefecture・Kumamoto University・Higo Bank・Itochu Corporation etc

November 9 (Thu) Day 1 , Event Contents

Silk silkworm-related person · General applicant
400 people (Participation may be refused when the number exceeds capacity)
Summit around 13:30~17:00/18:00~Opinion exchange meeting · social gathering
◆Summit(Entrance Free)
①Opening / greeting
②A new silk industry and the future of science/Speakers:Ms.Sputniko!
③Issues and possibilities of fiber and silk industry/Speakers:Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries・Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
④Progress Report on the New Silk Silkworm Industry Initiative/Speakers:Atsumaru Holdings co.,ltd・Kumamoto University
⑤Announcement of experiences of Sericulture Workshop/Yamaga Junior High School・Kahoku Junior High School
⑥Silk related Japanese musical instrument performance/Koto, three strings, shakuhachi, drum
⑦Smart Sericulture Project Report etc/Speakers:National Agriculture and Food Research Organization・euglena Co.,Ltd.
 1.New silk application and high functional silk development
 2.Status and prospect of artificial diet development etc
⑧The pace of the new silk sericulture in the country and foreign countries/
 1.Thai/Current status of Easy Care Silk Development 2.France/Current status of material
 3.Ehime Japan/Efforts of Nomura Silk Co., Ltd. and REBIRTH PROJECT TRADING Co., Ltd.

◆Opinion exchange meeting
Social gathering/Price:4,000yen/Place:Yamaga Onsen Plaza

November 10 (Fri) Day 2(Excursion) , Event Contents

Only silkworm-related person · General applicant
A-course:50 people B-course:40 people
◆Only the person concerned.
Smart Sericulture Project Conference(at City Hall 4F Conference Room)

◆A-course(General participation)Seminar · Tour  

◆B-course(General participation)Tours only

※Can not participate only on the 2nd day tour sessions.
◆A-course(General participation)Seminar · Tour
Open seminar(at City Hall 4F Conference Room)
①History of Atsumaru Holdings co.,ltd
②Issues and requests of silk business in various places etc
③Guide of Smart Sericulture Project etc

Lunch(Box lunch)

Tour(NSP Yamaga Factory・Yamaga lanterns folk art house・Yachiyo-za)by charter bus

Finish(15:30~Free pick up to Kumamoto Airport · Shin-Tamana station)

◆B-course(General participation)Tours only
Tour(Charter bus)
①NSP Yamaga Factory(Year-round Aseptic Sericulture Factory)/Inspection
②Yachiyo-za(Playhouse)/National designation important cultural asset(Yamaga lantern cage dancing show)
③Buzen Highway~Yamaga lanterns folk art house(Lantern display)~Tours such as Sakura Spring

Lunch(Kikuya Sakura Gozen)

Finish(13:30~Free pick up to Kumamoto Airport · Shin-Tamana station)

How to apply

We have finished applying for capacity.

Speakers SPUTNIKO!

Contemporary artist / born in Tokyo in 1985, lives in Boston · Tokyo.
MIT Media Lab Assistant Professor, Design · Fiction Laboratory
Agency (Japan):Bon Image
Affiliation gallery: SCAI THE BATHHOUSE

After majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science at Imperial College, London, she went on to pursue a Masters in Design at the Royal College of Art. From the time of studying abroad, I created a video installation work reflecting the way people change according to technology and society.
2016 "the 3rd time Setouchi international art festival" releases "the silkworm--which spins red thread of destiny, TAMAKI no Koi" MV as a work in a recent main exhibition. Started Design Fiction Group as Assistant Professor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab from 2013. [Women of the Year] VOGUE JAPAN 2013 Winner. She was elected FORBES JAPAN 2014 "10 Japanese women who create the future". Received the eleventh "L'Oreal - UNESCO Women Scientist Japan Special Award" in 2016. From April 2016 she will serve as MC of Super Presentation (NHK). "Hamidasu Chikara" is published.

Royal College of Art, Design Interactions, MA(2010年)
Imperial College London, Mathematics and Computer Science, BSc(1st Class)