Structure and possibilities of The new silk sericulture plan

About The new silk sericulture plan

 Silk industry existed in every region of the country as the important industry with which Japanese financial development is supported after Meiji restoration, but silk industry in the country is reduced rapidly by the spread of chemical synthetic fiber and production expansion of an inexpensive product such as China. Silk industry of Kumamoto Pref. which flourished formerly, like, I'm going to follow the way of a decline.

 However, the value of utilization of silk as an industrial is showing signs of remarkable improvement.

 To plan for improvement of regression to domestic silk demand and the further quality and increasing use by pomposity by the fashion use and a high-quality request, I'm getting active in research and development by DNA recombination of a silkworm. It is now seen as a "The new silk sericulture" as an industrial field where a new business stage is being opened.

 Even if it's seen worldwide, little, the enterprise which sets in forward way also has the charm by which it becomes possible to be to commercialize it prior to other ones and get absolute advantage in this field.

 The enterprise which aimed immediately there is Atsumaru Holdings co.,ltd where the Corporation based in Kumamoto City is collected, We aim to create and create high-performance, high-value added materials and products centered on “Year-round Aseptic Sericulture Factory” that introduced the most advanced production system ahead of the world.

 This, a vision of attractive and new silk industry is shown, it's being practiced, through coming into action I'm thinking it's the most important proposition of "The new silk sericulture plan" to plan for local job creation and activation of regional economic.

 In this way, we will create a new silk industry that has infinite possibilities for dreams and attractive possibilities from here "Yamaga".

Problem of the present domestic silk industry

With the decline of sericulture farmers, the growing age of silk companies and others, the survival as a domestic silk industry is in danger
Japanese silk thread technical power (silkworm egg (egg), silkworm raising, spinning and silk fabrics) reached the world most high level then, But Craftsman's decrease by production cut of a domestic cocoon (raw silk), aging and lack of a successor and the time of the silk made in Japan where I see back trash in a developing country by recent years by a decline of quality improvement consciousness of technical innovation and am proud of the world most high quality again were something in the past.
Currently, there are moves to build mass production system of cocoon and silk by new system even in Japan, but in order to raise Japanese silk technology level which has been stopped for decades to the current world level or higher, industry, academic, Technical innovation in collaboration with the government (training of engineers, development of robots, ICT technology, etc.) is a urgent task.
"a premium silk" development equipped with high functionality and additional value and the building of "new sericulture system" by which that can be massed produce are also a very important point in view of new demand action in a global market (new field).

Possibility to create new silk industry

The production also tends to decrease worldwide, but demand such as the new field tends to be increased, and a market exists certainly there.
Many research and development are advanced in the various fields at present also to tend to be productivity improvement of a high added value textile by an enterprise in Japan, the situation that it's possible to produce the cocoon which is high-efficient and is a sophisticated function and high added value, raw silk, silk thread and silk fabrics is being complete.
Use development to foods advances medical supplies and cosmetics again, and I tend to magnify the market scale with progress of a processing technology and research and development.
The market where almost no competition is here because there are little enterprise-like production and participant to large-scale silk industry who runs the business.

Use list possible to utilize silk