Construction of the world's largest Year-round Aseptic Sericulture Factory and the new silk industry utilizing state of the art environment

On April 27, 2017, the world largest and the latest formula factory outline in Yamaga City

 "SILK on VALLEY YAMAGA" it's made the outward appearance in which you can have the friendship by a coloring of the oxidized silver so that the regular employee place which becomes a base of a project may dissolve in the landscape of the area between softness of the R shape which imagined a cocoon and Nakayama in Yamaga City and shine by green.
 Its bowels are to carry the clean level of class 10000, the temperature and humidity management without exception, are high-quality and enable to produce a stable cocoon.
 It'll be exclusive space for the clean level maintenance at a production room, but such as establishing the open space the landscape of the outside can look around at the time of the break of the staff, I aim at the most advanced factory which was also considered in a working environment.
Construction site
Former Hiromi elementary school site(Imoo Kahoku town)
Construction period
July 27, 2016 - April 26, 2017
April 27, 2017
Site area
Building area
4,174㎡ Steel structure · Building a flat store
Total cost
Approximately 2.3 billion yen

Expected factory completion

The latest feature of the sericulture system and advantage

About Atsumaru Yamaga Silk co.,ltd/company overview

 In the Kyushu-Nagoya area, Atsumaru Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kumamoto city) which publishes all 16 editions of the job recruitment magazine "Atsumaru-kun's Job Information" and "Get Support" every week, We decided to participate.
  35 years since foundation, 13 years into the golf course business. An agricultural production corporation "the Yamaga silk by which corporations gather" is established in October, 2014 to take back a sericulture blaze in Kumamoto.
 We got a vast cultivation abandonment area of about 25 hectares in Yamaga City as a mulberry plantation site, we named the mulberry field spreading at 600 m above sea level, "The sky mulberry field". Starting planting mulberry seedlings from the spring of 2015, as of January 2017, about 90% of 25 hectares has been completed.
 In addition, after April 2017 we will begin operation of Year-round Aseptic Sericulture Factory that will allow sericulture throughout the year, and will prepare a production system for high-quality, high-performance silk.
 It'll be a start in the completely new field, but I aim at the enterprise growing with an area using the trust and the results our company has grown up to now.