-The new silk sericulture plan-
The former process and planning

In May 2016, this project which realizes the start of Year-round Aseptic Scale Sericulture Factory in just two years, from the meeting of Atsumaru Holdings co.,ltd, President Shimada and Nakashima Yamaga City mayor, to develop rapidly.
Here, from the decision of entering The new silk sericulture business and silk industry, the course of the business that Yamaga City and Atsumaru Holdings co.,ltd. ATSUMARU YAMAGA SILK has implemented and until the beginning of The new silk sericulture plan "SILK on VALLEY YAMAGA" We would like to introduce the flow of.
May 11
Meeting of President Shimada of the Employment promotion business meeting (present, Atsumaru Holdings co.,ltd) and Nakajima Yamaga City chief (Aseptic sericulture program introducing new technology)
From June to September
Kosaka area grassland mark (abandoning cultivation place 25ha) mulberry field formation plan and agricultural production corporation establishment New Silk road Project in YAMAGA draft of preparations (Atsumaru Yamaga Silk co.,ltd by which Corporation gathers)
August 30
The briefing of Kosaka area grassland mark mulberry field formation plan (Director of Kosaka area, Agricultural Promotion Division, Agricultural Committee)
September 10
City Council Construction Economic Standing Committee Planned mulberry field Observation (Explanation of the Concept)
September 26
Kosaka district grassland ruins use plan Kosaka district residents briefing session
(the Employment promotion business meeting (present, Atsumaru Holdings co.,ltd),Agriculture committee,Agriculture promotion section)
October 8
Agricultural Production Corporation, Atsumaru Yamaga Silk co.,ltd founded
(Mother company:(Atsumaru Holdings co.,ltd)
mulberry field development starting(About 5ha Soil improvement, raking, weeding and felling of miscellaneous small trees.)
November 5
Agriculture committee farmland way 3 article application〜Adoption is already permitted.
(Kosaka area grassland mark farmland 25ha acquisition)
November 14
City council general council(Outline of concept)
November 21
Registration completion of Kosaka area grassland mark ownership transfer
(Fukuoka farm→Atsumaru Yamaga Silk co.,ltd)
December 1
Agreement signing ceremony about The N.S.P new silk sericulture plan
(Yamaga City・Atsumaru Yamaga Silk co.,ltd Prefectural governor stand at Prefectural office)
December 9
Outline briefing on concept of middle district of Kahoku town
(Director of Kahoku town Intermediate Ward・Agriculture promotion section)
December 15
The sky mulberry field(Mulberry seedling 20,000 pieces temporary)
January 20
Elementary School Hiromi effective use plan briefing session
(Hiromi school district internal director・Regional development council・Prefectural assembly・City council・Board of education ・Agriculture promotion section etc)
Formulation of facilities construction plan for Aseptic Sericulture facilities and offices(Taisei Corporation)
March 14
20,000 sky mulberry fields cloned
March 18
Completion of The sky mulberry field management office
March 20
Atsumaru Yamaga Silk Foundation Commemorative "The sky mulberry field festival" held
Prefectural governor・Mayor(Guest, Prefectural assembly, City council, Local relevant people etc)
April 17
Kahoku area part time nonregular employee one whole meeting(Outline of concept)
20,000 trees in The sky mulberry field prepared
Construction of the sky mulberry field(Land left 20ha of tree cutting, installation of harmful beast protection fence)
Effective utilization plan of Hiromi elementary school site(Site survey · Fixing · Boundary determination)
January 12
Year-round Aseptic Sericulture Factory construction local briefing session
(Hiromi school district, Mitake school district temporary staff, other stakeholders)
January 15
A municipal transfer of assets (Hiromi elementary school site) concludes a contract and registers the transfer of property right.
February 8
Hiromi elementary school grounds school building demolition safety prayer ceremony
60,000 sky mulberry fields cloned
April 14 and 16
Kumamoto earthquake occurred(April 21 schedule sericultural factory groundbreaking ceremony postponement)
June 8
Branding strategy business entrusted contract signed(Itochu fashion system co.,ltd.)
June 10
The new silk sericulture plan・Holding of press release in TOKYO
July 12
Project name presentation was Held(REBERTH PROJECT proposal)
July 25
Project name was decided
『SILK on VALLEY YAMAGA』-The new silk sericulture plan-
July 27
A groundbreaking ceremony of Year-round Aseptic Sericulture Factory was held.(Approximately 100 people involved)
Around September~
Started marketing activities with ITOCHU Group(Acquire domestic counterparties)
August 11
Mr. Yusuke Isea and Takamasa Kameishi of REBIRTH PROJECT co.,ltd visit Yamaga City.
(Mayor interview and Logo suggestion)
September 1
Kouho-Yamaga September issue in 2016:Project name『SILK on VALLEY YAMAGA』is Announced
October 19
Project logo decided
November 1
Regional economic circulation creation grant project was decided(Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)
November 7
“Year-round Aseptic Sericulture Factory” web site opened and Detailed announcement started
November 23
2016 YAMAGA-SILK-SEMINAR was held in Citizen exchange center
(130 school relationships, 210 general people, 30 guests and 70 others Total 440 participants)
Kouho-Yamaga December issue in 2016:Logo mark, catch copy decision posted
January 11
Yamaga new silk sericulture promotion council was established
April 27
NSP Yamaga Foctory(Year-round Aseptic Sericulture Factory)by Atsumaru Yamaga Silk co.,ltd Completion ceremony
Mid May
Scheduled to start test operation of Year-round Aseptic Sericulture Factory
November 9 and 10
Schedule for holding 2017 SILK SUMMIT

November 2014 Started mulberry field development

December 1, 2014 Agreement signing ceremony

December 1, 2014 Press announcement

March 14, 2015 Mulberry seedling settled