Reports: press announcement The new silk sericulture plan part 2

Many attendees showed interest in this project based on efforts for the world's largest Year-round Aseptic Sericulture Factory.

On June 10, 2016, a press conference was held at the beginning of the new Silk Silkworm Industry Initiative Project conducted by Yamaga City at ifs Future Laboratory Salon WORK WORK SHOP in Aoyama, Tokyo.
On the day, more than 10 media companies such as TV stations, newspapers and textile industry papers, as well as textile companies in Tokyo and all over Japan, attended more than 100 guests and became a grand party.
In the meeting, the initiative of this project, President Shimada of the gathering Yamaga silk promoting the construction and operation of the world's largest Year-round Aseptic Sericulture Factory, entered the ceremony, passed through sericulture, silk business, this project we announced the enthusiasm for efforts with the city.
Also, there was presentation for a DNA recombination silkworm about the most advanced silk business from a silk researcher, and it was possible to receive a warm comment of the etc. which "was moved by the silk profundity and future possibility" from the customer who arrived.
We were able to gather attention so far, and we were able to catch a glimpse of society's expectations for this initiative's advanced nature and future possibilities.