Reports: press announcement The new silk sericulture plan part 1

Mayor Nakashima has sent a message for the start of this project.

At the showroom "ifs Future Laboratory Salon WORK WORK SHOP" operated by Itochu Fashion System, which is a branding producer and operated by Itochu Fashion System, a press release event of a new silk silkworm concept was held and the enthusiasm and expectation of Yamaga City for this project, We have sent out as a mayor message.

To everyone who carried you to the press conference (launch event) of the Yamaga City branding project in Kumamoto Prefecture

Hi everyone, I'm Kensei Nakashima of Mayor of Yamaga, Kumamoto Prefecture.
As you well know, in our native town Kumamoto, a series of earthquakes continued from April 14 this year caused severe damage to every part of the prefecture.
Although the aftershocks are still continuing now, there are situations where it is unpredictable, but we are steadily beginning to steadily recover.
To everyone who gave a lot of warm support and cooperation from the whole country, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness as a chief of disaster prefecture.

Well, in accordance with the movement of the local creation of the country in main city, we formulated the comprehensive strategy of regional version "Yamaga City comprehensive strategy" in 2015.
Among them, the project which we are going to attend together with President Shimada of Atsumaru Yamaga Silk Co., Ltd. attending today is focusing on Yamaga City as the most important project.

Yamaga City was the birthplace of modern sericulture in Kumamoto Prefecture, and the sericulture industry was a very popular land. However, in recent years sericulture farmers have just left a few, and they were on the verge of extinction.
In such circumstances, this time we have decided to create a new silk industry by entering outsourcing agreement with ITOCHU Fashion System Co., Ltd. and conducting total branding with an eye to global expansion.
In this way, with the cooperation of many people, in a new form, I feel a joyful thing about the revival of traditional industries.
I sincerely pray that "Yamaga Silk" produced in Yamaga City will be established as a regional brand proudly domestic and overseas, and will spread from Yamaga City to the world as a new silk road.

We will continue to advance this one big project with the support of the ITOCHU Group, everyone at REBIRTH PROJECT co.,ltd, related organizations such as the country and Kumamoto prefecture.
I look forward to your continued support and cooperation in the future.