Notice of a press conference (launching event) for The branding project of Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture
June 10th (Fri.), from 13:00 @ ifs Future Laboratory Salon, WORK WORK SHOP

Scheduled Guest Speakers

Rebirth Project, CEO, Mr. Takamasa Kameishi
CEO, Mr. Yusuke Iseya (video message)
ATSUMARU YAMAGA SILK, President, Mr. Toshiro Shimada
National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Unit Leader, Mr. Hideki Sezutsu

First, we would like to extend our most sincere condolences to those lost in the Kumamoto earthquake.
And our hearts go out to the earthquake victims, and pray for their earliest recovery and revival.

We has been in charge of supporting the business planning project, ATSUMARU YAMAGA SILK CO., LTD. (ATSUMARU YAMAGA SILK, hereafter), since the 2015 fiscal year. Furthermore, in the 2016 fiscal year, with the participation of Rebirth Project Co., Ltd. (Rebirth Project, hereafter), the realization of “the branding of Yamaga City, utilizing the new sericulture industry” project led by Yamaga City, has been determined. This is to announce the holding of a press conference, to introduce the efforts of ATSUMARU YAMAGA SILK CO., LTD., to push forward cultivation of the silk industry into new areas, through aseptic breeding of silkworms in Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture, and developments of new usage.

Despite its large contribution to the developments of modern Japan, the present scale of the silk industry has shrunk to 1/100 of what it used to be. On the other hand, utilizing its characteristic as a high-purity protein, silk is gathering attention in fields other than clothing, such as food/medical areas, and global demand for silk is still at a rise. The “branding of Yamaga City, utilizing the new sericulture industry” project, aims to make good use of the long nurtured research/techniques of silk which Japan prides, to revive sericulture and silk industry within Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture, and establish the new silk industry of Japan as an industry to pride to the world. In addition, this project also aims to support early recovery from the recent Kumamoto earthquake, by promoting employment along with revival and expansion. From this aspect, at the press conference, there will be a report on the Rebirth Project, which established “HUB HAVE Kumamoto”, a collection center for emergency relief supplies established immediately after the earthquake, and explanations on the significance of this project that makes good use of experiences gained through this. Furthermore, the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization will make an announcement on future possibilities of the silk industry.

We look forward to your cooperation and participation.


Time & Date:
June 10th (Fri.), 2016, doors open/12:30, start/13:00, end/14:00

1. Report on the start of a new industry from Kumamoto, the “aseptic breeding of silkworms business of Atsumaru Yamaga Silk” (by ATSUMARU YAMAGA SILK)
2. Report on the “announcing of the start, official project name, and operation outline” of the Kumamoto Prefecture, Yamaga City branding project (IFS)
3. The outlook on the revival of Kumamoto, and the revival of the Japanese silk industry (Rebirth Project)
4. The new sericulture industry and new possibilities of silk (National Agriculture and Food Research Organization)

ifs FUTURE LABORATORY salon, WORK WORK SHOP (CI Plaza 2F, 2-3-1 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

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None / Seating capacity: 80 people※ Non-media people are welcome to attend
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Introduction of guest speakers

Under the thesis of “what is needed to be done in order for human beings to survive of earth?”, we reflect on the influences we humans have brought upon to the atmosphere and society over the years, and are acting upon creating new business models, along with future lifestyles. Artists, creators, producers with various talents, have gathered under our representative, Yusuke Iseya. Founded REBIRTH PROJECT CO., LTD. in 2009. Starting with clothing <HATCH YOU>, food <HOUSE475>, living <THE SPIKE SHOW>, we contemplate and realize activities in fields such as education, art, support, that are essential in social living, from a creative point of view. Our aim is to unify/organize these projects in the end, to form a “social sculpture” by the name of 《Rebirth Village》, and to spread similar activities around the world.
An agricultural legal person established in October, 2014, to enter into the sericulture business. Utilizing 25 ha of unused agricultural land in Yamaga City, they have started growing mulberry trees as feed for silkworms, and on July 27th of this year, they have started constructing one of the largest “aseptic silkworm breeding plants” in Japan, at the site of a local school. Completion and start of operations of the plant, are scheduled for next year April. They aim towards curtailing of costs and losses in the breeding process through the introduction of aseptic breeding, and revival of the sericulture business as a high-efficiency industry. Their plan is to produce 50 tons of cocoons annually, in 5 years’ time. 10 tons of cocoons to be produced in the first year. 20 people have been newly employed, and by 2019, the number of employees will be increased up to 100. They aim to match the production volume of Gunma Prefecture (57 tons), the largest silk production center in Japan.