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July 2016

Silk will prove what Yamaga can do in the world

Silk to serve everyone born from organic mulberry field

 "In the sky mulberry field, the morning dew is also pleasant, the shoots are transparent and pure feeling, so frogs are also not used because there is no pesticide .... here is where the project feels what you are going to do It is a very wonderful place, as the history of Yamaga proved, it is rooted in the earth, is not it?
 Well, although it is silk born from such attractive place, silk is very attractive as a material as well as clothing as well as society. As a beauty ingredient sericin and others are attracting attention and are expected as very useful in medical aspects as well.
 But what matters is how can Yamaga make the shape that can be used for everyone for the world. I think that it is the first step to think about how to properly regenerate the Mulberry field that has been carried in history, and what is the form that can become Yamaga for the world.

In the early morning sky mulberry field, I visited the state of mulberry that grew big. Enjoyed with a rich natural scenery and magnificent scenery

Thinking from a global perspective "Everyone is happy" business

 The project of this time cherishes thinking about how Yamaga's existence is valued in society. Moreover it doesn't stop at only Japan and when "How was it used in the world or?" "What was made in Yamaga in the world?" such viewpoint judged from a long eye finally, should be for Yamaga.
 I believe that by showing silks born from such a view from Yamaga, silk from various parts of Japan collaborate and the cooperating Japanese silk becomes the world's forerunner. When we assume that I can participate there, it's a really wonderful thing.

Mr. Yusuke Iseya when you made a courtesy visit to Mr. Nakashima Kensei, Mayor of Yamaga city. He talked about the charm of Yamaga and the future in the future

 My motto is that the Omi merchant has said that "The seller is good, the buyer is good, the world is good" in addition to adding "Good for the future" in addition to the four sides. I think that the way that Yamaga acts as a useful work for the future, and that Yamaga is admired that it was "good," and that we also become proud of it is the form of the original business.
 That's why I am planning to help people and create projects and business.
 Then I will see how Yamaga in Japan and Yamaga in the world appear, and I will do my utmost to do what I can do in the future in order to make it the world Yamaga.